This page contains information about the facilities of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam for visitors with mobility issues.

To make everyone feel at home at the Stedelijk, we have facilities including lifts and handicapped toilets for users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Our staff at the museum entrance can offer assistance if you are a wheelchair user and need help to reach the exhibition galleries. When you’re ready to leave, just speak to one of our staff, they’ll give you any help you need.


The museum allows foldable and standard mobility scooters for use on the premises. 
It is possible to make a reservation for a wheelchair. In the paragraph below you can read how.


The museum has four wheelchairs for visitor use.
To book a wheelchair, please contact us on: (+31)(0)20 5732 911 or at (Mo-Fri 9am - 5pm).


We provide Alinkers for visitors who are less mobile. The Alinker is a specially designed non-motorized mobility vehicle that looks a little like a bicycle. It is a safe and secure way for visitors to explore the museum. 
To book an Alinker, please contact us on: (+31) (0) 20 5732 911 or at (Mo-Fri 9am - 5pm).

Visitors are also welcome to borrow folding chairs while visiting the museum. The seats are lightweight, stable and foldable and the height allows you to stand up easily. The museum has twenty chairs for visitors to use. If you would like to borrow a folding chair, please contact the Information Desk.

Care-givers have free admission to the museum on presentation of a care-giver pass. 

With the exception of a registered service dog, visitors may not bring domestic pets into to the museum.

Guided tours are have been made accessible for people with a hearing impairment with the use of a Group Tour System. This audio system allows a guide to communicate with his group through a transmitter and a microphone; visitors carry a headphone and a receiver. This way the guide can be heard clearly by the hearing-impaired visitor. Would you like to participate in a guided tour and make use of the GTS-system? Please contact the Education Department at least a week before your visit by email at or by phone: 020-5732 741 (Mon-Thu. 9 a.m. – 17 p.m.).

If you’d like to take a guided tour but because of health reasons are unable to participate in our standard tours, get in touch with our Education Department. We understand that some of our visitors need more time, space or assistance during their visit, and are happy to arrange a guided tour that takes your specific needs into account. Contact an Education Specialist at or by phoning: 020-5732 741 (Mon-Thu. 9 a.m.-17 p.m.).

The Stedelijk Museum has designed ‘Unforgettable Stedelijk’, a program for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and their care-givers. Look at, talk about, and enjoy art together.  This special program offers a nurturing, relaxed environment to view presentations of work in our collection, share experiences and thoughts, and be inspired by creative assignments. ‘Unforgettable Stedelijk’ takes place every first Monday of the month from 14.30 p.m. – 16.00 p.m. You need to register for this activity either by emailing or by phoning the Education Department on 020-5732 741 (Mon-Thu. 9 a.m.-17 p.m.). Please register no later than 9.00 a.m. on the Friday before the start of the next session.