Not only in the museum, but also online is enough to see. The Stedelijk Museum uses different video channels. ARTtube for artvideo’s, YouTube for atmospheric impressions, documentaries and for the exhibition On the Move we made several short video portraits of all the artists who took part in the exhibition. Vimeo is being used as an archive for Stedelijk|forum, readings and events. Have a look!


ARTtube is a collective video channel for art and design by museums in the Netherlands and Belgium. The website contains unique interviews with leading artists and designers. Are you interested in a peek behind the scenes during the installation of exhibitions and restoration of artworks? Then ARTtube is the right channel for you. We post new and interesting video's regulary. See it for yourself: Stedelijk on ARTtube.


On YouTube we offer a broad selection of videos: introductions to exhibitions, artists talks and lots of behind the scenes. We also use YouTube for special projects around exhibitions. Check it out on the Stedelijk Museum YouTube channel.

Crew Reports

Crew Reports are short film reports, made by employees of the Stedelijk Museum who followed a camjo-training. The short clips tell the story of the Stedelijk behind the scenes.


The Stedelijk Museum uses Vimeo as an archive for recordings of Stedelijk|Forum and other events such as symposiums and book launches. Are you searching for more deepening? This is the right video channel for you!