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The Living Room
28 Oct 2013

Throughout the year, exchanges take place in the permanent collection presentation. The Stedelijk does this to show as much of its extensive collection as possible. 

Still uit The Living Room (image: courtesy of the artist)
Still uit The Living Room (image: courtesy of the artist)

New on display

The Living Room, 2011, video, color, sound, 8 min., 43 sec

During the late twentieth century, the doorzonwoning, a type of home in which the living room runs the entire depth of the house and featuring picture windows at both the front and the rear, became fashionable in new Dutch housing developments—so popular, in fact, that it now symbolizes the average Dutch family home.

In the video The Living Room, a doorzonwoning provides the setting for a bizarre scene. Roderick Hietbrink began by filming the living room in detail: furniture, souvenirs, personal effects, and potted plants are carefully registered in close-up. The order of the familiar scene is disturbed, however, when an uprooted oak tree is dragged through the room. This performative act reveals the artificiality of such a space. The natural world breaches the cultivated space and points to the contradictory human impulses to unite the man-made with the “wild” and unpredictable.

On display in gallery 1.16